extremely blessed 👼

"I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations.”
— Unknown (via ridingsidesaddle)
Anonymous asked: You're not a pharaoh

I’ll banish you from my kingdom.

To my new followers, hello, I am Pharoah Kemar and I love you all. Ask of me anything you need.

Anonymous asked: U cute

Thanks boo. ☺️

kmvah asked: Don't kiss boys again we all fuck ups



Why is this getting notes tf



REALLY? THAT’S NOT EVEN A NUMBER YOU ALWAYS GOTTA BE SPECIAL WTF Lmao But anyways you’re so damn fineeeee bruh like ughhhhhh why you so far? Let me eat your faceeee. You’re really smart and funny too like you be killing me sometimes. You’re the best and easy to talk to. 

This was about me everyone.


this just in my girlfriend is hotter than your girlfriend sorry i didn’t write the news